Venkateswara Diagnostic Centre is leading independant provider of diagnostic imaging services in chennai.

Venkateswara Diagnostic Centre is Serving the community with primary effort by Mr G.G.Srinivasan (Founder) In the year 2001 he developed a centre in Medavakkam proprietorship firm with the Name of "Venkateswara Diagnostic Centre". In the year 2017, Expanded to Serve in Bollenenni Hillside with in house Doctors facilities "Sai Doctors Point"


Mr.G.G.Srinivasan, CEO

He started his career in Vijaya Hospital, Chennai specializing in radiography diagnostic division from 1986 till 1991. His Career path Included Capital Polyclinic in Sultanate of Oman as a Senior Radiographer. Devaki Hospital, Chennai as a Chief Radiographer. During this time Venkateshwara Diagnostic Center Came alive with Great assistance from Mr.Babu as a Partner. The Organisation has now grown to a colossal partnership with Doctors, Patients and Companies. Venkateswara Diagnostic Centre is one of major diagnostic providers with major centers around the city. Our vision is to offer a diagnostic service with a reputation for superior quality, speed of service and convenience.The motto of the organization is "Credible, Calibre, Cannon". The laboratory believes in being truthful in the reporting of test results.


Our centre believe in the value of life. Our Philosophy is to honor and celebrate life through the reports we deliver to our customers and their families, the service we provide to the medical fraternity, the environment we create for our employees, and the attitude we display to all. We embrace the following values:

  • 1. Quality
  • 2. Dignity
  • 3. Loyalty
  • 4. Compassion
  • 5. Integrity
  • 6. Respect
  • 7. Efficiency

We take Great pleasure with pride to publicize that our entity has been Certified as an ISO 9001-2015 laboratory from 2004. Internal Quality Control done by BIOROD, X-ray unit approved by Baba Atomic Research Centre [BARC], Ultrasound Scan registered with Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, Tamil Nadu Bio-Medical waste clearance by GJ Multiclave India Pvt Ltd, PNTD certified for both branches, Tamilnadu pollution control board consent for both air and water.


In Lab, we have the most experienced & competent team of doctors comprising of MD Radiologists, Pathologist, Bio chemist, DM Cardiologist, Quality Manager, Well Trained Experienced Lab Technician, Radiographers, Marketing managers and house keepers. We have the best available manpower in all the departments of Radiology & Pathology so that patients gets the most accurate results. Staff are experienced & well trained in their respective departments and training given to all the staff members on various technical & non-technical aspects. Our lab technicians are well versed withal the equipments, protocols & daily quality control procedures. Equipments are well maintained, tested and inspected regularly. Industry validated computer software and information is used for Data collection and storage. Quality of the methods assured by the quality control programs performed internally and by external proficiency testing programs. Procedures are undertaken regularly to maintain high standards for reproducible results. Certified standard reagents are used after validation for the purpose of analysis. Collecting blood samples from individual laboratories and studying in one center has become more popular in recent years to ease health care costs. Accordingly,the extra-analytical factors affecting the analysis process such as different transportation conditions,prolonged storage at high or low temperature, improper handling (without frozen packs), are to be considered as potential factors affecting the analyte concentrations esp. Glucose. The glucose concentration begins to decrease immediately after the sample is collected in unpreserved blood sample with increasing serum-clot contact time in plain tube and the rate of decrease was sensitive to temperature like previous studies. This decrease was attributed to glycolytic action of erythrocytes and leukocytes. Though Sodium fluoride (Glycolytic inhibitor) tubes can preserve the serum glucose concentrations, the decrease in the serum glucose concentrations after the first hour after collection is unavoidable.This loss can be corrected if the samples are a nalyzed immediately or there is a prompt separation of the plasma after collection, which are not practically possible with the collection centers.

Mrs .R.Divya Bhavani.,M.Sc.,Ph.D.,Med.Bio

Quality Manager